Chris Morales shows up on a lot of lists saying that anything authenticated by him is not worth the paper it is printed on. If this is so why is he still allowed to? Why have the authorities not put him out of business, and the people that use his COA's. There seems to be no rules or regulations governing this. What can be done about this, if anything. Why hasn't the business cleaned itself up after the Bullpen sting? No one was charged? No one spent time in jail? These people continue to do business as usual? Are these people not committing a federal offense? Is this not fraud?

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My apologies, Ron! 

He has dealt with Beatles stuff in the past. He has told me that he has some examples to work with. I will point him in the right direction. This is a beautifully displayed item, and have had a lot of admirers. I should have listened to my head instead of my heart. I am sure that I am not the only one that has had dealings with this company. How would one get the information out to STAY AWAY. She has agreed that my authenticator has all the right credentials, and can find nothing wrong with him. She also stated that she had been in contact with Christopher Morales and stated the he had no problems with him either. You have stated in other forums and have also put this same question to her. Why would you sell it for less when you could sell it for more? Not very good business sense. But I quess when you get people such as myself you can sell these forged items over and over and over again, so if you have 20 of them and can sell them for 10,000.00 each it would make better sense. Just saying, not accusing anyone of anything, just saying. Thanks

If your authenticator says this piece is fine, get it and send it to an authenticator that Toby Stoffa does not like. Like Roger Epperson. Then contact your CC with the truth. You got to get out of their web Ron. It should not take that long, you just bought it. You are very lucky you didn't just hang it on the wall and discover it five years from now. Good luck.

The authenticator has sent a preliminary report which he states that this album is not the real deal. He lives in Calgary Alberta Canada, and she had never heard of him. I have contacted my CC company and started the wheels in motion to get my refund. What can anyone do about this? There needs to be a media campaign against her store. She must read these blogs? She must know what is going on? Does Caesars Palace know that she is selling bad stuff? This would not be good PR for them.

Good for you Ron! Get your money back, take your time and get you somethng you love that is authentic. I know this is very stressful, I hope it is resolved quickly... Very good question about these crooks. I'm sure Caesars don't care as long as they pay their rent. She belongs in jail. This is a wonderful place for this type of operation. People fly in, fly out. Hard for word to get around town, nobody lives in that town. You are in the right place here.

Ron, of the better music authenticators in the US, Roger Epperson, is frankly all that you needed on this one.  Since you have been fleeced for $9k and there is no presumption how the CC company may act since you had the opporutnity to examine it in person (hopefully, it goes your way... but I have seen instances where that wasn't the case) you might also want to Contact Caesar's Palace as who knows what they may or might not do.

The CC company has told me that if the authenticator that I hired finds that the Beatles V1 album is not what Antiquities International in Las Vegas ensured me it was, and I have a letter from him stating as much, then they will make every effort to get back my money. Both Toby Stoffa and Christopher Morales agreed to this fellow. Toby Stoffa also said in an email to me that " I would not sell you a bad piece". Let's hope that she " The Grandmother of the Industry" is true to her word. From what has been said on this site about her COA and the money back guarantee she offers, it may be a fight.

Some STAT George Bush items are authentic. They were the chosen witness authenticator that was present at the signing. Anything else I have no clue on.

Anyone hard of sports Now i have read all this i am nervous that if i buy from this site it may not be genuine.

They do have some good items, Tina, but I've seen a lot of junk from them as well.


If the item is certified by PSA/DNA, JSA or Steiner, you should be just fine, but get opinions on our site if you want. Anything else, I'd definitely get independent opinions on authenticity before you buy, just like you would anywhere else. 

Tina, if you are a novice I would stay away from   they are more like a warehouse and have no "scruples" from my dealings with their service department on the number of non-authentic items they offer for sale.

Contrary to Steve's opinion (and he should know better) who needs to start qualifying his endorsements, I wouldn't touch the Charlton Hestons or Jackie Gleasons that have been PSA'd as the ones I just saw were the same type secretarial versions that have booted off of EBAY again and again, and again.

If you look for steiner then go to their site directly.    Trust me, you should be "very" nervous.



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