I am seeking opinions on the following article with four Beatle signatures from 1965.  I’m relatively new to collecting and would appreciate any insights you could offer.  Thank you very much!

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I think market value is close to what it is at right now. Their estimate is ludicrous. 

Thanks for your thoughts.  I’ll do some more thinking and let you all know.

If Beatlesmarketplace have given it a COA it will be guaranteed to be authentic with an undertaking to double the original price paid to them if found not real. I like it.

Are they still in business?  The link to beatlesmarketplace.com does not appear to work at this time.

I still would ask to see better scans, and the back as well. Like Steve suggested.

403 means forbidden or blocked, no?

I think they have recently closed down after many years of trading. I bought and sold to them and never had any issues.

What are the papers worth now? I'm sure Beatles Fan would like to know.

The same as they were when issued to the original buyer.

To my knowledge and dealings, the autograph sets they sold were all authentic like the set posted now.

After receiving the autographs if proved not to be authentic the original purchaser would have been compensated twice what they paid. 

If TRACKS closes next week what are their papers worth.

Once they are on sold it is up to the new buyer to have them appraised if they have any doubts. Beatles Fan has used this site to seek advice and assurance.

The autographs certainly look good—but are they the originals?

I am a little surprised to see all the love when non-copy/compressed clear scans of back and front are not here. 

This is needs to be considered. Could it be a copy? More Pics, clear scans etc required as Eric Keith Longo states.


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