Apparently he used to sign through TTM all the time until he decided to stop. Any thoughts? 


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Frank usually personalizes when he signs. I distrust any signature from him not personalized.

Good advice.  I will remember that for future reference!

Joe is right. Watch out for SP's where the dedication etc. has been removed. This is usually evident - placement will also serve to ID those that have been altered.

Of the 65 (or so) Frank Oz signed items on eBay, two appear to be personalized. That doesn't seem to bode well. I actually tried to send him an item TTM through his spouse (an author/motivational speaker). It was RTS. 

Is it possible he used to personalize when signing TTM but ceased around the same time he stopped signing through the mail? And/or the in-person autographs are quick and not personalized? 

He personalized in person autographs as well. I would never say it's impossible to find one not personalized but it would be rare.

BTW, I just looked at the Frank Oz autographs on eBay. The majority of them are fakes. The ones that look good come with a big price tag. 

Based on the personalization factor or other factors as well? 

There is always other factors as well. Whether it is personalized or not does not rule out authenticity.


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