BRIAN MAY LP opinions ???

Opinions FREDDIE SIGNED IN MUNICH 1986 >> ( EDITED = FAKE = Thanks to innuendo !!!)

FREDDIE MERCURY 1988 -  (dedicated to Laura)

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It's been reprinted a few times, yes. From a Spanish scammer but the original is in circulation and the item appears to be aged and worn. The original was not very well taken care of or properly protected over the years and did age badly. This one seems to be the original.

Excuse me** a Spanish scammer (not Italian).

This one I posted is the original 100% I have contact with the owner. Now this auto is in Spain and he said that was duplicated from several scammers: Spain, Uk, Italy Germany. Thanks innuendo.

I would advise caution when dealing with Queen graphs out of Spain specifically. But this item does look to be the original. 

Thanks Innuendo and Garet, difficult is to find a genuine ones ... what do you think about this Brian May's Pic ? Thanks ...


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