Hi everyone,

just found this Freddie offered by Nick Straw. I know him to be a correct and knowledgeable guy, but would like to have you opinion. Innuendo?

Looks good to me, but who knows?

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It's been sold now

Yes, to me. ;-)

But I'd like to have some opinions before payment.

Yes that is genuine.  Enjoy it. 

Thanks a lot for taking a look, Jimbo! Glad to have your opinion!

It looks rather restrained and cramped to me but I'm certainly not expert enough to say for sure. Are there other examples with a separate "Fre"? It would help to know when it was supposed to have been signed. I found the photo included in the listing confusing - it seemed to suggest that this was signed very late on. Anyway, here is an in-person "Best Wishes" inscription example from April 1978 for comparison:

Many examples. If I were to guess, I'd say if this is genuine it's from the late 80s but itd have to really rushed and atypical. I'll attach an example of the separate fre from around 84. But it's really not about that. I'll stick to the more recent post going forward. 

Indeed the piece is believed to be signed in the late 80s during an event in London. Barry, to whom it is dedicated, was an executive in the Shell Oil Company and had met Freddie on such an occasion. That might explain why it's hastily written.

I wouldn't say that most of the OP example looks particularly rushed, at least not compared to the example I posted. Just the surname perhaps. If I were you I would ask the seller to delay shipping and think about the purchase carefully. You could pay for a quick opinion but to be honest I think Innuendo's doubts should count for more (see the thread under "Music" - "Queen"). I would send Nick a link to the other thread and see what he says.  

Thanks a lot for your help!



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