I know it includes a Beckett COA but I hear those can be fake too?  Thoughts on this company?  Always concerned about buying via ebay


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Super rushed atypical freddie but it is genuine. 

How good is Beckett with Queen? I remember this item I've seen it for sale a few times in the past. I avoided it because it was just sort of an ugly set in my opinion. Is 2K for just Freddie and Brian rushed and ugly on this item a fair price in your opinion Innuendo? 

Ps are you still selling your freddies Innunedo? I tried to message back the other day but I got an error message idk if it went thru?

My apologies, I got busy over the weekend and didn't get a chance to respond. I'll get back to you shortly. As for Beckett, like any other TPA they aren't perfect with Queen. I've seen a number they've gotten wrong over the years but there are worse TPAs out there, for sure. The fact that it's on a program is a plus but the graphs are "ugly". I usually try to say atypical or rushed. What people are paying for here is not Brian. It's Freddie. Freddie's prices are the highest they've ever been so I have no doubt this item will move at 2K sooner or later, but I wouldn't advise anyone to pull the trigger on a set of this quality at that price. 

If you have suggestions for other places to look/buy, would love to hear about it. 

Thank you all for the replies.  If anyone can point me in the right direction to some sellers or sites, that would be great!  

There is no better guy to buy Queen from than Innuendo. But he doesn't always have items to sell. I would suggest watching Ebay. If you go through auction houses you are going to be being paying hundreds more in premiums than your final bid. Are you familiar with current Freddie prices? If you're just now getting into Freddie autographs that's the first thing I ask people. Freddie is pretty steep these days. Innunedo has a great thread that shows current proces for Queen and Freddie items. Are you looking for just Freddie or all of Queen?

worst time to be looking, right?  Super popular right now.  I think I saw in one of the threads I'd be looking at 1000+ right now.  And as for what I'm looking for - probably either - meaning Queen but must include Freddie.  Thanks for all this great info.  Will PM Innuendo, as well.


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