Here's something interesting I thought I'd share with you all. Some of you might have heard that the remaining members of Queen are making a Freddie Mercury biopic coming to theaters at the end of the year. This movie has been in the making for many years now and most queen fans assumed it would never actually leave the ground. But here it is. In discussing it with a few friends in the field both online and off, I have to agree the movie will provide new exposure to brand new fans and as someone else has so brilliantly put it: more exposure means new fans, new fans means higher demand, higher demand means higher value. I have to say I agree. This is actually something those of us in the queen collecting circle have been noticing over the last few months. Freddie's value has been growing recently and the movie isn't even out yet. For example, last year the going rate for a signed freddie on plain paper was about $400. Today, they are averaging about $550-$600 on plain paper. Last year, a fully signed album was worth about $1,200. Today they are averaging about $1,800/1,900 and growing quickly. Ive been collecting queen for about 40 years (yikes) and I can tell you this is not the same as usual yearly value growth. It's happening much quicker. Genuine Freddie autographs are spending less and less time sitting on sale. Last year it was common to see a freddie signed item for sale for a few days before it was scooped up. These days, we are seeing them being purchased within hours of being offered. Just a heads up for those of you interested in freddie signed items: now is the time to buy (safely). These autographs will be a great investment soon. Who knows how high the value will go this time next year. 

As usual if anyone is considering a freddie or queen signed item, I'd be happy to offer my opinions and help. 

All the best 

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WTF??? I was guessing around 4.000 US but 7.400??? Got to talk to my insurance guy!

I think you have to keep any freakish-looking auction results in perspective. Sometimes two or more bidders get carried away, as I have done myself on more than one occasion.

Lately I have been having a running battle on eBay with a deep pocketed rival in one of my more specialist collecting fields (not autographs). Very often we are the only two bidders on an item and it ends up going for crazy money. I recently paid over £1,000 for a postcard that I would have got for the start price of £100 if he had not been around. If I sold it on eBay again I would probably not realise anything like £1,000 because my rival would not have me as a competitor.

I have also seen many freak results at Heritage in the movie poster area. What tends to happen is that a freak result triggers more examples to come onto the market. At first the prices stay fairly high and then they go down to the previous levels - more or less at any rate. 

I know that the Innuendo poster had a large number of different bidders and at least three around the £5,000 mark but one result doesn't make a market price.

It will be interesting to see if the movie does actually lead to a permanent increase in Queen prices. I could imagine that that there could be a sharp hike while the movie is in the news (as happened in the Titanic field when the movie came out) but I wouldn't think that it will cause a long term increase of more than 5 - 10%.

Has anyone actually made a study of price developments in the Queen market on eBay? It would be interesting to see how the prices of particular items (e.g. of a particular signed LP) have developed over the last three years or so. In most of my areas of collecting I have been at a loss to see any particular trends.


I dont think anyone believes this one item represents market value for all Queen items today even with the value growing on freddie. I had assumed the joking was pretty clear on that. As I've told those PM'ing me (perhaps I should have also posted it here for extra clarification) what the innuendo poster selling at 7k really means is that the value is not more likely around 4-5k today. It supports the fact that value is going up: not that value of set at 7,400 usd for freddie signed things.

As for the queen market on Ebay study, I mentioned some price changes over the years somewhere in this thread. Major spikes in freddie's value have happened many times since he passed away and all have something to do with more exposure. They've never dipped back down after these spikes that I've seen. What changes after the spikes usually is the rush.

I know a gentleman who is considering selling his innuendo poster (one or two) and I'd like to see him put them on public sale vs private sale. Sort of test out the theory. It's more likely the 7k price was a one off but it does mean the value has jumped considerably and is more likely at around 4 to 5k USD vs last year's 2k for the same item. I'm saying 4 to 5k usd because that's where most queen collectors I know are saying they'd stop off at today. I'd be interested to see if these other innuendo items bring back my estimated value or higher. 



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