Looking to buy Star Wars autographs, or autographs from any of the actors in the Star Wars Universe?  Post photos here for free opinions from some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Always free of charge.

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Afraid not.

Hi! I have found this lovely Antony Daniels and Kenny Baker signed photo, but before click on buy button... I have done a little investigation on Google and now I am suspicious.

The photo has a CoA by www.garant-autograph.com signed by Mark Pahman (view atached file), I try to find something on google about him and... nothing. Not good.

After, I have find the previous-previous seller on ebay, and ususally sells a huge number of autographs, too cheap in my opinion.

Resumen: I have found this photo for 200 euros and I am suspicious about his authenticity, please can anyone take a look? thanks :)

Can you post the photo please?

Upss so sorry, my mistake. Here you are. 


I’d say keep clear 

Thanks, sadly its hard to find Authentic Star Wars autographs.

 My budget for this is limited, I know a Fisher/Ford photo signed are out of my orbit.

Im happy with something more affordable and there will be a precious treasure for me. 

Any advice for good sellers? I have read some people recommends Cool Waters and Official Pix websites. 

Any additional suggestion?


These are not authentic.  Bad forgeries, IMO.

 Hi again!

Found a Dave Prowse autograph on ebay, love it but I want to know your experienced opinion. Can you take a look please?


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Matrix Frames
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This Prowse looks fine to me.

That's real

Looks good to me. Authentic. 

Thanks Joe, Mike and Devon for your advice!

One adittional and personal question:

Do you preffer a autograph with a text or only signature? I have found this nice photo "Luke I am your father" and I love it. (Maybe the signature here is not so glamorous than last one).


For Sale from
Movie Star Autographs 
Established 1988
UACC registered Dealer no 86
AFTAL approved dealer no 120
Owner Dave Phillips
is a
UACC executive board director


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