Looking to buy Star Wars autographs, or autographs from any of the actors in the Star Wars Universe?  Post photos here for free opinions from some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Always free of charge.

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Thanks Joe, Mike and Devon for your advice!

One adittional and personal question:

Do you preffer a autograph with a text or only signature? I have found this nice photo "Luke I am your father" and I love it. (Maybe the signature here is not so glamorous than last one).


For Sale from
Movie Star Autographs 
Established 1988
UACC registered Dealer no 86
AFTAL approved dealer no 120
Owner Dave Phillips
is a
UACC executive board director

I collect both, but I go strictly by the movie quotes (most of the time). The actual quote is "No... I am your father" - he never says "Luke". 

dammit! You´re right! I am the worst fan ever...

I agree that "movie quotes" is a wise option.

I havent found "No, I am your father", but some "I am your father" (files atached) Thay apear authentic for me (this is useless because I am a newbie), but "A" from "Dart" is like "Λ". I dont know if the use of this simbol is common in Dave Prowse autographs.

Keep searching! :)


Keep in mind that photo isn't complete without mark Hamill, and his price is $300+ now.

Good point and exactly why I avoid group poses now. They look incomplete unless signed by all, and I've been burned one too many times by prices skyrocketing for an individual before I could get the piece completed.

CC: Derek Jeter/Steiner Sports

Thanks Mike and Steve, mmm you are right!, I am not aware about that (thanks to this forum I am avoiding tons of misunderstandigs).

well, so the Dave Prowse alone is my best option for now. 

(Sorry for my poor written english, its not my mother tongue). 

It all depends how far you want to go. Some collectors will say no Darth Vader piece is complete without James Earl Jones. Some will say you need Bob Anderson too. Just collect what you are happy collecting, thats the most important part.

 Yep, there is a lot of grey tones between white and black :)

I think I am happy with a Dave Prowse alone, if Mark (unsigned) appears it seems something is missing.

A piece with Prowse, Earl Jones and Anderson will be awesome! But untoucheable for my budget, I must be realistic and focus on that. 

Thanks for your advices

I have this piece and people tell me its not complete without James Earl Jones, i just roll my eyes. Collect what you enjoy.

I agree with you. End of the day Jones only done the voice he never wore the mask. 

UHAU! envy level at 200%

Hajajajaja, in Spain we call these people “cansa almas” or “agota muertos”. 

Plus, b&w makes even more special. 

That's an amazing piece, Mike T!




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