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Is there specific reasoning for this? 

This is what his autograph looks like

Bro it is a small card, I've seen his signature small and it's around the same

Here's a few hayden's on small cards, bro.

Hm, I've seen even on big ones with rushed authenticated signatures that mine is similar. I'll go to an authenticator. The seller said it was specifically told to be signed in the corner so they could see the obi wan v anakin fight.

Taking authenticity aside, I have no idea why you would even want something like that, plenty of much nicer examples readily available.


You asked for authenticity opinions. Mike took the time to give you his opinion, an expert's opinion, and show you examples, and you're giving him attitude.

You don't have to believe what he says and there's nothing wrong with, asking more questions, getting other opinions from a third-party authenticator...or anything like that. But treat members with respect, especially when they take the time to help you like you asked.


To be frank, I have never seen a Hayden Christensen that looks like yours. Mike T is one of the top 3 Star Wars autograph experts, along with Pete Chuka and Steve Grad. You can believe his opinion.

If you mean the seller's reputation is good based on his eBay feedback score, that shouldn't be depended on for authenticity. There are lots of major forgery sellers with perfect scores. Feedback is based on service more than anything, and by the time someone finds out they were sold a forgery, usually months or years down the road, they're beyond the 60 day limit to leave it.

Okay, I will talk with the seller

I'll talk with the seller, I never meant to disrespect Mike. If you interpted it that way, sorry

OK, thanks. If you bought it on eBay you've got great buyer protection if you need it.

I’ve gotten him only once before In  person but I have seen his signature for years upon years and although I’m not as advanced with his signature as Mike T I would have to agree with him and Mr. Cyrkin that I have never seen his autograph look like the one you posted, sorry but in my opinion i also believe it’s NOT authentic



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