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Mike, what a cool signed photo.

Where did you get Peter at?

I agree with Mike. Collect what you like.  If you’re happy with just Dave on the multi-shot, get it.  Since JEJ is likely (at least highly) unobtainable now, there are TONS of “incomplete” (according to some) Vader shots without him.  Doesn’t mean they are not valuable or desirable.  Collect what you like. Add Hamill down the line if you want - or not.  If you like it with the quote, get it.

Thanks Devon!

Finally I have decided to buy “Vader Alone” version, because for now I prefer a forefront photo of the character.

I have found a Kenny Baker too, and love it at first sight.

Please can you take a look? If they passed your scan probably I will buy them this weekend.

Ajjj, again a problem over upload the files. Here you are inserted in my previous post. 

HI! What do you thinks about this Mark Hamill? Its´a a beautiful photo

I think the Baker and Hamill are both fine. Glad you decided on the solo-signed Prowse. All are very nice. 

Thanks Devon! Finally win the auction, nobody bid but me.

There are other autographs in this lot (from Stargate serie and Star Trek), but I dont know nothing about this people. I will post in TV-movie general forum if anybody can take a look on those.


Would appreciate your help with these 6 original Topps Star Wars trading cards, signed by actors from the original 1977 film. They are said to be Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Peter Cushing, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Dave Prowse.

Any chance of being genuine?

Attachments: No photo uploads here

None of these are real unfortunately

Thanks Mike. That’s what I expected.


Just bought the Kenny Baker (with the blessing of Devon)  10 minutes ago. So happy!

Now I have doubts with these two Vaders (same seller) Love both, I like the Japan version because Vader is closer, but the sing seems to be smaller and tighter.

So here is the question. Size matters? Better a sing zone with white background or over the photo? I cant decide between this two options so please take a look.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Both are authentic, the Celebration 2 image is more collectible.



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