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 Thanks Mike! So the Celebration 2 will come to my house :)

Both are authentic, but the Celebration 2 picture would be more valuable & collectible.  Congrats on the Kenny Baker!

Hi all, ive got a signed pic of Peter Mayhew, from when i went to galaxion'99

i framed it within a week of getting it

was wondering how much it would be worth

full frame

close up


Hi, I don't know if you want to sell but member Scarlett6662000 is looking for a Mayhew.

Well my opinion a real maybe certified Mayhew at the moment would get 100-150 easy..This Mike T saying 50-60 is trying to pad his own pocket.

I have well over 100 mayhew autographs, so definitely not padding my pocket.

Hi! Eric! Thanks for remember me!

I have look this Mayhew but the sign is barely noticeable. I am still looking for.

thoughts on this ford and mayhew photo? thanks

George Lucas Signatures

I would like to add a framed George Lucas signature to my collection, I would be interested in collectors & experts on Lucas signatures views on these 2x signatures that both have COA, thanks.

Does anyone know if this Hayden Christensen Autograph is legit? I got it off of Ebay without authentication for 40$ due to the sellers reputation and likeness of Haydens signature.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

No it's not



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