Im not into hip hop but I know this might be a big deal to a few people. for only $6, free shipping limit 4..

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Did anyone else order this release? I ordered 2. Had 1 delivered today and nothing is signed. Looking to see if someone else has the same issue before I contact them.

Hey yeah the same thing happened to me, ordered 2 signed and received 1 unsigned, I wrote them both yesterday and today and they are not responding. gonna give them one more day and then file a claim if they continue to ignore my messages

Hey did you ever have any luck resolving this? I emailed them twice with no response for over 2 weeks now, I wish I would have used PayPal to make it easier to file a claim, I just sent them one more email threatening the claim. I know of at least 3 of us that ordered multiple signed copies and just received 1 unsigned one. I definitely won't be ordering from them again. 

No, nothing. Was going to call my bank tomorrow when I had more time to deal with it. 2 weeks with silence is telling

yeah i called my bank this morning and they said they could file a claim but would have to cancel my card and reissue a new one and i'm not sure i want to go though all that for such a small amount, i just hate to let them get away with the fraud though. 

Same, I’ve emailed them and no response.

I did the same thing thank you for bringing this up I ordered 2 signed and only received one cd not signed.They keep on ignoring my email.Ill never order anything from French ever again.Hes a shitty rapper anyway,just wanted it to add to my collection and was cheap.Looks like they had coke boys coked out doing these orders.

My credit card charge has a contact phone number for the company fulfilling this item.  I just got off of the phone with them, and was told the signed CDs are supposed to start shipping out this week.  Apparently, everyone who ordered the signed CD in any quantity, was shipped an unsigned one in advance with no notice.  For anyone who wants to contact the fulfillment company, the phone number is (714) 242-4299. They will ask which entity you ordered from (French Montana), and what your order number is.



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