This one appeared a few weeks ago with no mention of any signatures in the ad. I understand that finding a genuine one is a rarity but I'm interested in reading the opinions of the experts here. The photo isn't too good, Paul's name is in blue, George's is in red, and the other two are in thin ball point pen with indenturing into the cover of the album.

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The signatures aren't real.

Did you really think a fully signed Beatles album would sell for $66.00?  More like $20,000 and up especially this title. 

Agreed...not good.

Pathetic forgeries!!!

Someone over spent by $66

'Ya Think???

According to the list on this website....there are no signed "Something New" US albums known to exist....there are appox.15-16 known signed US L.P's...and this ain't one of 'em!!

Uncovering rarities is possible, but not for the most famous band in history on a super high profile site like Ebay. $66 means that anyone with even remote competency in Beatles signatures stayed far, far away. If the auction ended for 10x that much, I would say the same thing.



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