Have you purchased autographed wall art or signed guitars from Front Row Memorabilia, High End Memorabilia or LuxeWest? Are you happy with what you bought?

Their website is www.FrontRowMemorabilia.com, but they mostly sell on major shopping and auction sites.

If you haven't bought from them, have you seen their offerings?

Autographed memorabilia and guitars for sale by Front Row Memorabilia, High End Memorabilia and LuxeWest—all the same company—suddenly seem to be everywhere.

They sell on LiveAuctioneersInvaluable.com, Wayfair, Houzz, Amazon, iCollector, BidSquare, People, and more.

Do you know who owns them?

Do you know who they buy their autographs from?

If you bought any signed items from them, please post what you have.

Look at their offerings, whether you bought from them or not. What do you think of the authenticity of their signed memorabilia and guitars? Please post specific examples and images, with links to the listings.

What authenticators do they use? Do you have opinions about any of them?

What is their guarantee, and authenticity terms of sale? How well do they protect collectors?

Your input is appreciated.

Their Facebook pages:



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Seeing some of the exact items I've seen on Antiquities' website before.

high end mem auctions are fake I watch them onvalubles and laugh

also read there disclaimer its very funny

Even this Louis Armstrong signed guitar didn't sell! 

I like how its signed over a new sctratch


it looks like it was signed with a blue  visa a vi sharpie the dark blue from the 90s

How about this Daniel Boone ANS? I didn't know he was in cinema, too.

we did a thread on high end auctions about a month or 2 ago warning people

I didn't recall that discussion. Here's a link. Thanks, Marc.


I think theres still another one  also out there about them

Sure. A Louie Armstrong signed guitar! Why not? Who in the hell wouldn't give his eye teeth for a Satchmo signed guitar. It's the perfect item to display alongside a Charlie Christian signed trumpet!

They have “fully-signed” copies of five out of the six Doors studio albums, including LA Woman(!). Elsewhere there are only two known Doors LPs that were signed by Morrison, and they’re offering five at the same time. Brazen and ridiculous.


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