Purportedly signed at the Royal Hall Harrogate, Friday 8th March 1963.

Something doesn't look quite right about these. Are they traced or perhaps just rushed examples on an uneven surface.

Keen to know the thoughts of more experienced hands ...

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I think the Paul McCartney autograph looks good. John NO. Ringo and George hard for me to say. 

Look ok to me.

On first glance I thought John was a bit shaky. I like the others and maybe John's is a result of a bad pen? On balance I think they are good.

It looks good to me. Paul wrote "Beatles."

All good, no problems here. 

I think they're real. I don't think they're worth as much as a similar set of more typical autographs. 

I agree. If they are genuine, the sloppiness of Harrison and atypical Lennon make them less desirable. 

Plus one. They look okay to me.

Nice set from 1963...no problems...



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