Hey everyone,

Was wondering if I could get some opinions/help regarding an item PPC has up for sale on eBay:


I'm a bit concerned as I've heard some stories about PPC (autopen, Nascar fiasco etc...) and wanted a second opinion. To me the signatures look like they check out but I am a 100% novice in the world of signatures - I'm just basing it off the many examples I've seen on the internet. I know it's certified by PSA/DNA but I've dealt extensively with PSA in terms of trading card grading and know they are far from reliable far too often. I've messaged PPC asking if they know the origin of the autographs (date/time/circumstance) and will update when I get a reply as well from them.

Also, what would we assume a fair price to be for the item? I know PPC has it's stuff massively inflated in terms of pricing. 

Thanks for any help.


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I find it best to drink from clean wells. Just my opinion. I have seen some thirsty folks drink some nasty stuff but it is all they have or know in some cases. 

I was also thinking of Tim Leary and the word leery as it was used so many times. The frequency is enough to ring an alarm.

"I kind of like the fact he signed away from everyone else and in a different color,..."

But that is an illusion. He was almost certainly handed a generic pickguard (which hopefully fits this not-Fender "strat" without any messy screw hole "adjustments") and any pen at hand.

What is the real strength? The price? Other than being authentic signatures it is a composite, not a true "set" on a cheap guitar which has no relationship to the signers as Devon mentioned. Is this a decent price compared to other material with the 1 sig on the guard and the nature of the guitar?

Yup, I'm aware of the pick guard likely being signed separately. Like I said I'm not too concerned with details like that as having everything perfect would make the guitar worth double triple quadruple as much. Not realistic for me as I'd never spend that much on an autographed piece unless I won the lottery - it's like I'd love to have a lambo as a daily driver but people in hell want ice water too haha.

I saw a piece very similar sell for 4400 before but it was an uglier  guitar imo and the signatures were all on the pick guard in different felt pens etc...to me it seems 3000 to 4500 is the going rate for all 5 signatures if verified by PSA/JSA. Like the one user said earlier getting their autographs is kind of a pain in the ass and not something I'm going to attempt. Maybe I would have 10 years ago but not now.

A lot of these dealers are just ugly people! The good ones bounce.

Hi Paul,

What would a nice cohesive frameable original vintage © press 8x10 or artist marked promotional label 8x10 photo with vintage signatures all applied at the same time go for? 

Eric, Bjarne has one signed, ask him what he'd sell it for. GNR'S are the band at the moment. My guess is 800 ip.

Hi Paul,

Thanks. I was just sort of saying that item as I described would make more sense to me and please me, not Gergely, more. You know my ideas on quality. I don't quite understand this peice. 

BTW, I should mention Bjarne sold me the most beautiful red ink 1976 transitional Bowie in quality heavy album paper in mint condition that I have seen yet. He has some superb items. 

Michael Kasmar ,a member here, is a big time dealer with many guitars. Maybe you could contact him here and get his opinion or see what he has. His website is to the right there. Autograph Pros.

So what was the response from Roger about the guitar?

Gergely, I sent you a friend request so I can message you about Guns in general.

And Justin, I sent you a friend request as well...



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