Post Prince autographs that have already been discussed on Autograph Live and are widely believed to be genuine. Post them one at a time so members can comment and give their opinions on them.

If doubt arises in one that was previously thought to be authentic by our members, we'll label it as such.

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Interesting.. This signed Lovesexy came up.for discussion in another forum with some people thinking it has been faked. If this is from the store signing at Tower Records (London) in July 1988, then there are some odd things going on.

Caveat Emptor I suppose. 

There is no instore signing from 1988 that matches the pencolors on this.
A few of the bandmembers look pretty bad as well.
Levi, Cat, Atlanta Bliss, Boni and Eric.
The only one in the band that looks close are Dr Fink and Miko.
The Prince signature is unfortunatly pretty bad as well.
So in my opinion Roger is wrong on this one.
It's a 100% fake!

Here is my signed Lovesexy. Signed at NK in Stockholm on August 12, 1988!

This is my signed Parade album from the same signing at NK in Stockholm on August 12, 1988. This signature is bigger and covers both sides of the gatefold cover.

Hello all together!

Just came up this Prince autograph. What do you think about it? 

A 1984-85 style autograph on a 1988 single....
Well this fake was easy 2 spot....

Elfar Sigmundsson
Prince Signatures Group

Thanks Elfar! This is really helpful, cause I´m not an expert concerning Prince´signatures

I agree with Elfar. I don't think it's real either.



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