I have found similar Gilligan's Island cast SPs online but not sure if I am comparing to authentic or forged examples.  Also, wondering if the styles of pens used by Alan Hale and Natalie Schafer are consistent with signatures pre-1990.  Comments and opinions on this item are appreciated.

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Appreciate any opinions on this Gilligan's Island cast SP.  The "Bob Denver" looks off to me versus other examples I found online.  

As for the Hale and Schafer autographs, if you’re referring to felt tip/marker pens, they have been around since the late 1950s.  JFK signed numerous items in 1960 when he was running for president with a felt-tip marker-style pen.  So yeah, there’s no problem there.  As for authenticity, that I can’t elaborate on that, unfortunately.

Thanks James.  I have seen several threads where pen style was a factor.  Good to know these pens were available during the cast's lifetime.  

I bought a signed cast photo over twenty years ago. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Dawn Wells just a few years ago. I asked her about the completed cast photo and she told me the only complete signed one she knows of is in her own personal collection. She said she has never signed a complete cast photo. Now it is obviously possible she signed a cast photo and at some point over the years they got all the others to sign one but she told me she doubts there are more than a handful out there. There was a signing in mid to late 90’s I think with Denver, Johnson, Wells, and Louise (a drawn picture of them, I think they did 1000 of them) 

Thank you for the information and sharing your story of meeting Dawn Welles.  I have seen the signed litho you mention. 

I imagine authentic signed items are scarce for any complete cast (especially if not inscribed as a presentation or if no known cast signings occurred).  Although not definitive, this seems to put this item in the "likely not authentic" category.  Even if some of the signatures are authentic, it seems unlikely all are authentic.



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