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I realized the 12x17 On an Island promotional flat had Reverse artwork matching the signed CD page I have - so I have rearranged how this will be displayed. The ticket also has warm brown colors as well as another little drawing of Gilmour playing, and ties this all together nicely. I show the previous incarnation which also had some scale problems. By choosing not to show the words "Pink Floyd", as seen on the other side and perhaps a cheap shot for me I now see, focus is solely directed on Gilmour, and this great album. This aged, vintage style also contrast the difference between Gilmour and Waters, as seen in the post below this one showing the artwork of my two favorite solo albums from these two (Amused to Death is right behind or alongside to me, but I wanted something a bit more vintage as well from Waters). Apparently, these are both venue IP signatures, and thats more than OK with me. 

"Here is my newly arranged David Gilmour collection - 2006 On an Island signed CD page, carefully chosen for not being the usual cover image and not being signed in blue ink which I can't stand. Also a dedication - not always seen. For 2006 IP, this is not a bad signature. Black fiber tipped pen. Here paired with a 12" x 17" promotional flat from the 2006 album. I enjoy pairing flats and promotional material with the signed items I collect. I have added a ticket from this tour, as I always try to do, this from The Royal Albert Hall performance - with guest star David Bowie who sang the Waters part of Comfortably Numb - his last recorded appearance.

Using the matching artwork shown above, which I prefer for its vintage look suits Gilmour well, allows some mitigation of the fact that this is autograph is a torn page and not the full booklet, and that bothers me to a fairly large degree."

Old appearance below:

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And together in scale with his counterpart - both my favorite solo albums. This Pros and Cons is a promo LP signed in black felt tip on 7/31/84 in Montreal after the show.

Cool stuff Eric.  Love it.  And it's funny you mention Roger and Corey - Roger's always been involved in every buying decision I make.  And since being introduced to Corey, I love showing him my PF stuff and learning about their history.  Corey is an encyclopedia of knowledge and a hell of a generous and nice guy.  Oh ya - that Waters LP cover is in my top 10 coolest of all time.  How could it not be.......

Nice items, Eric. Personally, I detest encapsulated signatures. Just makes them so sterile. When I buy one I bust them out and mat them. I know, supposedly that negates the TPA but, in my opinion, a genuine autograph is still a genuine autograph. And it looks so much better out of that capsule.

Thanks Joe, and I certainly agree. I was going to get a letter at Steve's suggestion, but they want me to send the thing back to them and as I have never submitted anything to anyone I am not going to start now. That, and I have heard of folks stipulating no sicker and getting anyway, Obv. and Rev. Roger and Corey like it - I like it. No plans to sell for for the now the plastic does its job for me - protecting the page. When framing time comes...

Now that there has been a "changing of the guard" at PSA/DNA I wonder how that affects their decision making.



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