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Use code RACC20 for $5 off

Keeping an eye out for a UK supplier. Premier postage to here has gone crazy for price!

Hi Dan,

Please let me know if you see this book available for sale in the U.K.

I’d like to have something from Alicia Keys, but agree that the postage from the States pushes this book a little too high for what it is.


thanks for posting and the code guys!! you rock! . always wanted her  

FYI these appear to be showing up as auto-pen bookplates! I'm trying to cancel my order

Damn mine are on the way already so too late to cancel. is Premiere pretty good about returns?

Not sure anymore. I haven't had any returns yet, but there is a returns button on each order or a link. Mine hasn't shipped so I'm trying to save time. someone on facebook as identical plates on 2 books. she did the live signing, but something must have happened or oversold and her team took things into their own hands.

they can’t be, she did the love signing with them . where did you hear this? 

facebook group with pictures of 2 identical plates

I ordered 2 so at least I will be able to compare them. I also never had to do a return with premiere either so hoping they are good about it if they are autopen.

i just emailed premier to see what they say 

cool post the response if you get one, of course, other than Newbury every other company has tried to tell me they are real and will never admit they are autopen even when it's obvious. 



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