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If they are continuing to say that these signatures are real, I will probably be done as well now. A 6-year-old could look at these books and tell you they are the exact same.

I was about to email them last week but before I did they sent me a refund.

I finally got a refund for the book and they didn't even ask for me to return it. 

That was quick. Only time I’ve ever asked for a refund from them. No problem at all getting the refund 

You might be happy but there are many people out there still who bought and have no clue what an autopen is. I will never do business with premiere again. They refuse to answer questions here even though we all know they are lurking.. they refuse to inform all customers of this situation. Many people who bought this will not find out until its too late.. will premiere issue refunds a year from now? They are hiding the facts about their product and banking on a lot of their customers being oblivious to what happened. Its not right. Premiere is an evil retailer.. nothing more

Exactly my thoughts, I will not give them credit for giving refunds when they still won't admit they are autopen or give an explanation as to why they would put their COA in a fake signed book and taint their reputation. If they were a decent  and trustable company they would do like Newbury has the few times they got autopens, which was to immediately send out a mass email to anyone who bought one to both apologize and acknowledge that they were sent autopen and to offer the refunds. At least all of their customers were given the choice and not just the ones who knew enough to figure it out. I'm glad I'm not the only one sticking to refusing to do any more business with these liars .

I feel that Premiere Collectibles should be commended for making the AK situation right. They are refunding the money and letting people keep the book. Jesus,  what do some of you people want from them a new car? For those that are still whining and crying, shop elsewhere.  So tired of the immaturity on this site sometimes 

Actually Derek, I feel that folks on this site have a right to expect more from an autograph retailer than a refund. The retailer could actually name the incident as fraud and hold the artist accountable. I also don’t think it’s whining to expect a leader in the autograph retail industry to call out fraud from an artist when they have proof rather than treat customers like paranoid complainers, making them beg for refunds. 

The only way this changes is if those who buy and sell the items (retailers) hold the artist management teams accountable.

Also, it’s really crummy that those without the knowledge of an autopen (there are many) are duped and sold a counterfeit item. That’s just rotten, especially those shelling out hundreds of dollars like in the case with the Dolly book. 

If it's autopen, then that means Alicia Keys knew full well what was happening?  We should at least get an apology from her then.

Commended wow, you think they should be praised for giving refunds while still lying and trying to say they are real.  If you want to keep giving money to a company that either lies to you or are not smart enough to spot an obvious autopen then feel free but I, and the majority of comments I've seen will not. That just tells them it's ok to do it again. 

It took 3 messages and 16 days for them to answer me and provide a refund. Yeah commend. Mr. Derek has been super team premiere in this thread. I don't get it. He's ok spending his hard earned money on garbage, that's on him.

Since we know they have someone watching this site maybe we figured out who the spy premiere has in the forum is,  that's the only way I could see anyone thinking the way they handled this was ok and even praised them.  how many people think they contacted all the people that don't realize they have a fake and refunded them as well? Just refunding the small amount of us that figured it out isn't fixing their mistake. And maybe they are letting people keep them now but the majority of us had to return them before getting refunded. Not that I wanted to keep a fake autograph anyway. 



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