Green Day Saviors [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Autographed CD]

looks like this is going to be in all the indie stores, here are a couple of links

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Posting once more since those who replied either aren't adding me back or checking DMs.

Looking to trade my Green Day for a RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers) signed CD. Preference on Unlimited Love because I like the artwork better.

Thankfully I learned from past mistakes and ordered from a couple of places. Several cancellations but at least I got the 2 I wanted (for myself and a friend). I didn't hear anything from 2 stores, one replied to my enquiry and told me they couldn't fulfill preorders. Why though didn't they refund me until I chased them?

Really late to the party but mine arrived today - very happy with the signatures!

Very nice! 

Thank you! Slightly fuller sigs than I’ve seen on some so very happy 

Right, that’s the fullest Billie Joe that I’ve seen…worth the wait! :-)

Finally got around to opening mine. Pretty happy it has a little extra on it:

That is really cool - best one yet.

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