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Green Day Saviors [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Autographed CD]

looks like this is going to be in all the indie stores, here are a couple of links



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I have a sealed copy of Green Day, would anyone be willing to exchange for Gaga Love for sale? I really gutted I missed it from indie stores. 

FYI, Love for Sale goes for 2-3x what the Green Day is at (never-minding one of the signers is deceased, Signed autographed new sealed love for sale bennett gaga cd for sal... ) so you might have to sweeten the pot, to get any serious offers.  

Mass cancellations from Drowned World Records in Seattle. They grossly oversold their limited allotment. Refunds to come.

I wrote them Friday and they said they were waiting on stock and they would either be shipping or canceling oversold soon. and then got a shipping email with a tracking number earlier today. it hasn't moved yet so I'll see if it actually ships 

Has anyone received shipment from Down in the Valley?

yeah that's the other one I was waiting for, never got an email that they shipped it but it showed up a couple of days ago. matter of fact I just checked the website and my order is still showing as pending even though I already received it. 

You're right. Same happened to me. It just showed up out of nowhere 

Got my shipping notification from Drowned World Records ! 

Anyone in the US who bought from the UK store getting theirs? My tracking # hasn’t moved and it appears it was only confirmation a label was created. On 1/17 I received an email from the GD UK store notifying me it had shipped, but like I said, nothing else.

Make sure to put in your full zip code on the tracking website including the last 4 digits ie 12345-1234 format. That was the only way it worked for me.

Looks like they actually shipped from Germany. It also shows in my "informed Delivery" that I use through USPS's website.


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