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I would like to ask whether you think this can be real Gregory Peck autograph (and not a "secretarial" one) because I am starting to have some doubts - as I have seen his other autographs, his handwriting looked a little more inconsistent and messier. Especially after going through this article: https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/gregory-peck-throug...

My mother obtained this autograph via private correspondence / mail (in 1972).

Thank you for any tips or advice.


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I believe your Gregory Peck autograph was not signed by him personally.

Well, I also have doubts that it could have been signed by someone at the office and not by him personally.. In the last period I have sadly came upon several "secretarials" in my mother´s collection which we believed that were authentic (because of the authentic source).

It even seems to me that via mail a person seldomly received an original.. which is kind of unfair but I understand that famous personalities had a very limited amount of time that they could enjoy for themselves or had definitely more important things to do then to sign fan-mail for numerous hours a week.

It does look funny, much too "neat" and as you say, not as messy as other examples. I'd say no, sorry :(




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