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Consistent with my signed book.

Does anyone know if this is actually Greta’s new signature? 

I wouldn't know.  Like others here, I got a book with signed sticker on my book and NO SIGNATURE in sight.  I opened up a support ticket right away and giving them until Thursday before I bug the hell out of them.  

Waterstone has been fine up until this point with Greta's book.  I hope I can get a replacement by Xmas!

I put a support ticket and emailed them about receiving an unsigned copy last week and have gotten 0 response from them. Their customer service is terrible.

Their customer service by email is terrible it can take months but by calling their customer service phone number 08081188787. I received a refund within a couple of days.I think it took 10 - 15 minutes for them to answer the phone and they wanted photos of the unsigned pages and a photo of the Post Office receipt proving i had returned it before processing the refund.

Outside of the UK the phone number is 

+44 208 045 1001.

The Uk number is free but no mention of the overseas number being free so it probably isnt

Darn.  I am in the US with an Unsigned book as well. Bummer.

I'll have to get a calling card and call them. It's a shame their customer service is non-existent.

I contacted them last week using the chat session on their website, and the person I chatted with sorted out my issue right away. I just had a look on their site, and I don't see the chat session. Maybe it's only available during UK business hours.

The first signed edition I received from Waterstones was unsigned. I contacted Waterstones on their online chat function, and they sent me out a signed copy from their warehouse. The person I spoke with was really nice and told me that they've confirmed that all the signed copies in the warehouse have been signed. I received my second edition today, and it is indeed signed, but I'm a bit skeptical that it's her signature. All the other books that I've seen signed on here looks different from the signature in my book.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Waterstones, in my experience, has always had solid customer service. They went out of their way to send me a replacement signed Atwood book after the first one I got was water-damaged by Canada Post. They'll always have my vote, in spite of the challenges with UK mail services right now.

Their customer service is a sh*tshow these days.  I did the email support ticket. After 2 weeks with no response I called them out on Twitter and it was resolved in 24 hours. Apparently, all it takes is public shaming to get service.

Looks like it’s back in stock (assuming it went out of stock? I see some folks previously mentioned their replacement copies were spares from the warehouse). Note potential issues per prior posts!



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