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What do folks make of this one, which was received by a friend of mine?  To me, it looks different to the other examples posted in this thread, including my own.  Dare I say it, more childlike.

She will be 20 years old in January

I am aware of that biographical detail.  But it doesn’t negate my point that this example appears different in style to the others posted here.


Definitely a completely different flow.

Possibly ghost signed? What you call childlike could maybe be slowness due to trying to do it correct/ alike? - just guessing, hoping others will chime in.

yes very different.  Lets hope she signed them all her self


Could be, yes.  My wording may not describe the scenario perfectly, but we don’t know the scenario for sure.  There is certainly a hesitancy in my friend’s copy that could be the result of a different hand.  I don’t know her signature well enough to make a judgement call, but this does raise concern.

Maybe it's because it's a different pen she's used? As it's Slightly thicker than the other Signatures? 

Although it does look more different than it should.

So have we figured out if these are signed by greta after all?

Just received mine.  I am not sure what to say... Are these real?

Looks different to mine:

I got mine from west end lane books in the UK


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