Griff - One Foot In Front Of The Other Signed CD, Vinyl or Cassette

Winner of the Brits rising star award and they are cheap

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Video of her signing on her Instagram. These look like art cards.

Yeah they do, at least they look like the full 12x12 size, I can't stand when they give you an LP with a small cd sized signed card

I'm always very hesitant on ordering stuff from overseas because for whatever reason my mail department always loses my crap. But I needed to jump on one of these! Just hoping for the best. I thought about paying the extra for the tracked shipping but I just went with the standard instead. 

Ordered the cd and the free personalised video to go with it not bad for £5 

she ain’t that bad either very talented 

thanks for the heads up 

How do you get the video message? I couldn't see it listed. 

It was there I click looked at all her items I had to click it separately to the cd 

hope that helps

I just received my vinyl today and it wasn't signed is anyone else having this problem?

A lot of people got the unsigned art cards - it was being discussed more on the Brit Award thread. Griff realizes there was a screwup, so email Warner back when you get a chance.

Thanks guys, I sent him an email hopefully I'll get a reply soon. 

I received my vinyl, CD, cassette and they were all unsigned. I will definitely contact Warner. The back drop piece was very nice (signed and numbered) and I also got my personal video message (with my first name)

She never signed the items 

you should of got 3x signed 12x12 prints 

no one received the actual items signed it says when u order they come with a signed art card 

I ordered a part very early (March 25). At that time there was still talk of signed vinyls, CDs and cassettes

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