Good morning, I was hoping to get someone's thoughts on these 2 pieces, please.  I think the Motley Crue is good, but am unsure about the Guns N Roses. 

Thanks in advance


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NOT authentic in my opinion.

Thanks for your reply.  Sorry, you think the are both not authentic?

Not authentic on both counts.  I agree with Snark that the person who did it knows what authentic examples look like.  The MC is a better attempt than the GnR.

I agree, in stating that neither are authentic autographs. Furthermore, the person or people who signed these albums had a knowledge of what authentic examples looked like. 

My greatest fear realized - the forger that knows what they are doing... Thanks Snark!

Axl rose do not sign likes that

Thanks Francois - good information.

I agree about the Guns N Roses piece. All the GNR autographs are forgeries in my opinion

Thank you everyone that weighed in.  Would anyone be willing to share their "tells"?  The only thing that stopped me from jumping on the Crue album was I saw the price (way, way too low), and he was selling a VH signed album that I knew was bad.

I must say, I've met the guys from Motley 20 over times each over the past 25 years and these look good to me. They're obviously jerks now and barely sign, but they use to be great about it. The GNR looks like complete crap. What a waste of an Appetite vinyl! 



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