Just recently bought this LP off ebay even if the autographs are not authentic I've wanted to get this LP back in my collection. The high bidder backed out and he asked me if I wanted it, he was selling it for his brother in law and he obtained the autographs at a show on April 26, 1988 and the ticket stub was included. Please take a look at the photos provided and tell me what you think.

Thank you

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just a heads up high bidder backed out can mean you were shilled. care to post a link to the auction? 

I thought that myself or he backed out because it was stated in the auction that Izzy had signed it as well but it's not. I didn't actually bid but sent him a message when it was first listed inquirying about buying it. Either way it was a heck of good price for the lp alone.
The signatures are authentic.
Thank you Richard for your opinion. How would you go about getting this authenticated? Any idea on the value of this with the 3 signatures?



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