My wife bought this for me in the wake of Roy's passing. It has a COA from Sports memorabilia. I know nothing about this company and unless it's PSA or JSA Steiner, Upper Deck...I'm scared to death.
Could anybody help me out and determine whether or not this is authentic.

As always... thanks a lot. John!

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Hey John,

It’s pretty hard to say. A lot I’ve seen have a more a pronounced circle to the left of the “H” with lines going down vertically. The 2 “Ls” in Halladay are usually more pronounced than what I’m seeing in yours. However, I did just see a JSA authenticated ASG ball with a sig that looks very similar to yours. Unfortunately, I’m sure the souless forgets are in full force with his signature due to his passing, so I’m sure that raised more concern for you. For some more piece of mind, I would put the ball up for auction on eBay, with an absurd price so nobody buys it, then do the PSA quick opinion which is like 10-15 bucks, and then take the ball off the auction once you see the result.
Thank you. I've seen several similar ones myself with a JSA. Feel a little better.

Thanks again for taking the time. JSA will be doing a show in Philly in couple of weeks. I'll get it authenticated by them.

Best, John.
Perfect! And no problem at all! Keep us posted!

I will indeed. Thank you.

I also see that Sports Memorabilia, who, by the way, authenticated my Halladay ball, is a major advertiser on this autograph live website. I don't think this site would want or endorse or support this advertiser if they were selling crooked merchandise. Just a thought.

I’ve got a ton of Halliday’s signature from home games and spring training games I go to, I’m from Toronto area. Yours looks fine...I just compared it to a few of mine. 



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