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Pretty sure every preorder I've seen so far is just a separate signed jacket. Probably all really the same.

Yes. Signed jacket is separate from the sealed vinyl album.

Halsey has to be the most absurdly consistent signer I've ever seen. I was initially spooked these were autopens until I looked more closely.

I saw the same trend on Ebay - a bunch of signatures that looked the same. Then I looked at them side by side and saw the most minuscule of variations among them and realized she's just really that consistent. 

Yeah that's freaky good. That poor girl might need a therapist.

Just saw this tweet from Halsey a few minutes ago. She signed 40,000 items?!

It's been too long and I don't recall if there was an independent thread for this - but if you ordered the 'Manic Exclusive CD Signed by Ashley' from the Wallflower shop - they are finally starting to be fulfilled.

I don't now how quickly though, but the examples I've seen show no indication of autopens. Rather than being a sealed CD + booklet, they look like signed/sealed softpacks.

Yeah, they look really nice. Side note for anyone who ordered - I'm hearing that they're not doing a great job of sending out shipping notifications. If you click on the original link from your confirmation email, the link will take you to an expired screen. However if you change the site in the url from "halseymusicstore" to "badlandsmerch," it should correct to your order confirmation screen where you can check the status.

Not great news - someone asked Wallflower, and they claim that they only "have received a small amount of them" (emphasis mine).

Halsey claimed on twitter that she signed tens of thousands, seeming to imply that she's done with everything on her end. So I guess this is just delays between the packaging plant and Wallflower? The absence of transparency/updates from merch companies is ridiculous.

I get the impression she signed them well after all the other items. I wouldn't get too worried yet - she signed everything else after all.

Well, no shipping notification in my email, but I've been keeping my order screen open on my desktop. Sure enough, I refreshed it today and there was a tracking number.

Dang, no such luck for me. My order still doesn't show anything. Last thing I heard from Wallflower was that they had received the signed CDs, but it'd take 4-6 weeks for them to actually ship them out. Since yours just went out, I'm hopeful mine ships next week (but I'm not holding my breath, this Wallflower place seems better than UMG at fulfillment).

I'd be surprised if yours didn't ship out in the next couple of days. I was spot checking Twitter, and they seemed to be rolling them out on a continuous basis throughout the week.



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