Hank Williams Jr. - "Rich, White, Honky Blues" - Signed Vinyl or CD

Hank Williams Jr. - "Rich, White, Honky Blues" - Signed Vinyl or CD

"Signed Test Pressing" also available...


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Heck, they are breaking the law by using the mails to send them..

So I just checked with my friend in the postal service.  You can refuse the package UNOPENED , Put "REFUSED" on it bring it to the post office and the sender is responsible for the postage.  If the package is opened, then you are responsible for the postage or negotiate Easy Eyes to send you a paid postage label to return it but then you would  be dealing with Easy Eyes denials of scamming.  I don't plan to deal with this outfit in the future, just like I don't deal with Chronicles AT ALL after that Dolly Parton's debacle.  Thanks for giving me the heads up on these fakes.  Very disappointing but at least it can be nipped in the bud. 

Excellent! Great information!

If you return it at the post office, the same tracking number  should be used and you can even get a receipt that you returned it and then to confirm the company/store has got the return.  

Same for UPS (Brown). Get a paper receipt to document you have returned their fake. I usually get a paper receipt not email and put it away.  If I have to dispute the return with my credit card, you have documentation.  

Pain in the neck and yes, I am still tired of this. Sigh!!

Well mine arrived....I opened it anyways

Why? You know it not good.


Your bottom one is identical to Copeadope's (11 hours ago). 

Eric, you made the call on that. 

That sucks…might be worth a shot if they’re going to be difficult. I lost my claim with Chronicle over Dolly, though some prevailed (and they eventually refunded everyone).

I got notice of shipping but still just label created for days now. About to email and see if I can cancel but may just write it off if not (just ordered one).

This autopen business is getting crazy, I’m definitely taking a step back at this point. 

Yeah I got my notice of shipping via USPS and expecting it on Monday.  Did you read my suggestion of refusing the shipment? Put down REFUSED, RETURN TO THE SENDER. Then I am going to my post office, give it to the person behind the desk,  get a receipt and the tracking number they used to send it to you will be the # used to track it back to them.  Not planning to buy from this Company any more just like I don't buy from Chronicle no matter how much of a darn coupon they give me.  If your post office does not give you a receipt (the ones I go to, do, but some post office don't) take a snapshot of the USPS tracking number so you have it to track it back to the sender. Then they can deny all they want about how real the signature is... I don't care.  If they don't honor my return, my credit card take care of me.  I have won the dispute with Chronicle and got my money back via my credit card even though it was over the 6 month period.  I don't believe Paypal cases were won on the Dolly Parton debacle ... so live and learn.

I bought 2 items. CDs and vinyls are not that heavy.  You can probably send it media mail and make sure you request for a receipt and get the tracking number from the post office.  You can always add a signature request for $2.50 to make sure it gets the company, but just getting a tracking number is key. 

Hope that helps. If they agree to refund you, that's ok.  

Thanks, I had seen your other post and appreciate all that info.

I actually just got response that my shipping is delayed while they await more items to be “signed” and gave me the same response as KD about sigs being real.

They agreed to refund if I wanted, will probably take them up on it but my luck that next batch will be legit (doubt it though). 

Trust no one.  LOL


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