Hank Williams Jr. - "Rich, White, Honky Blues" - Signed Vinyl or CD

Hank Williams Jr. - "Rich, White, Honky Blues" - Signed Vinyl or CD

"Signed Test Pressing" also available...


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So I decided to keep my order after being given chance to cancel…received this today, welcome opinions:

That could actually be real. Maybe they didn't print up enough fakes for the orders and he or someone else had to actually sign some. It's different than what the rest of us got.

Thanks for your response…yeah, I was thinking it looked different and not autopen. Right, maybe some got signed after they ran out of fakes lol…

I had reached out to cancel my order, saying I understood the sigs being provided were autopen. Received usual response that all sigs real and that I could cancel if I wanted. I responded that I would keep my order but intended to return if autopen. 

Opinions? Seems mine looks similar to an above post. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Agree, looks similar to mine above and not the previous ones. And not an exact match to mine thankfully lol.

I’m thinking ours may be good but open to anything saying otherwise. 

I did receive an email around a month ago from Eagle Eye. Stated something to the effect of being short on the autographed version and that it would be a little while longer before receiving mine. Maybe they persuaded Hank with whiskey and cigars in exchange to sign some of the last ones. Although the signature on ours doesn't match other items I've seen with his autograph so who knows?

Yeah, same here on the email regarding the delay…then I had the back and forth with them regarding autopens. 

Lol about the whiskey and cigars…and agree the sigs we got look a little off when compared to other items supposedly signed by him. Just know ours look different from the others here.

Maybe these sigs were rushed and there was difficulty signing small in the corner as was done. Maybe there was whiskey involved lol. Who knows…

Got around to opening mine and I’m thinking autopen as well. Thoughts, anyone?60C33BF9-E7E1-422D-AD8A-31E60C414AC7.jpeg



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