Hi everyone. I bought a a Temple of Doom poster about 15 years ago signed by Harrison Ford & Steven Spielberg at an estate sale. The poster was rolled up & stored in a tube. Obviously no COA. It looks like both signed using a silver paint pen. Hoping someone with knowledge of these signatures can give me an opinion on them both. Thanks!

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I agree about the QuickOpinion.  It may be sufficient enough.  My biggest concern is that every member who has offered an opinion on this piece agrees that at least one of the two autographs is atypical.  I still have my concerns about both of the autographs.

There used to be a theory that people held onto saying that, if you put in 10,000 hours at anything you would be an expert. That was a nice concept, but after 35 years of collecting and studying autographs, I am well beyond the 10,000 hours and still don't consider myself or anyone an "expert."

If the rules never change the 10,000 hours thing might work, but with autographs there is constant change. Unless you keep studying and keep learning and watch  new variations of any signer's autograph, you won't ever be the best.

Are there Beatles experts, maybe seeing as half of the band isn't signing anymore. Elvis experts might exist, Mantle & Ruth .....sure, anything is possible.

Harrison Ford is still out there and still thrilling fans and dealers alike with his willingness to autograph items for them.

Until the time comes when that is no longer the case.....there are no experts, just people who have used the information available to see the patterns.       

Thanks Bradford. When I click the link it says the quick opinion must be for an item currently offered in an auction -even requesting the specific webpage and lot #. Is there a way around this for private items not being sold at an auction?
Not sure. I would just list it for free on ebay and put a rediculous price to ensure that it doesn't sell (plus it saves you $5) and go from there. I've never had one checked that was outside of ebay. Sorry

Pete, I just sent you a private message.  I would like to discuss this topic with you out of the view of forgers.

Instinct says no

Okay everyone, I did the PSA/DNA quick opinion on the poster with both signatures and it came back "likely genuine", so it seems the consensus from most everyone on this thread was validated. I am happy with the outcome & really appreciate everyone's insights. I now plan to re-frame the poster and put it up on the wall!

That is very good news Devon.  Congratulations and enjoy.

Nice to come to as close to a conclusion as possible. Thanks for letting us know.

Just confirms the fact that we have some of the best in the business right here in this amazing community of people.
Did you set it up as an ebay auction? Just curious how you got it through quick opinion. Thanks




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