I came across this seller and thought the Ariana Grande they’re selling looked atypical, but it had the authentication sticker from PSA.

then I looked at the rest of their autographs...

opinions on this? they only upload one photo for every listing so this is the best I can do. Probably to hide the number so we can’t look up the signature on their database

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Ask them to give you better images of the sticker and COA. And the Ford does not appear typical, IMO.


i found this seller a few months ago with every week a jack nicholson large signed photo with psa authentication. you can't see the number on the certificate and on the hologram and the autographs from far away but even than it looks fake. but people bid fanatic on the items from this seller because they think this can't be bad at all from what he tell's us ''hailtotheseahawks (318)'' 100% feedback - is telling that he was the founding member of collector's universe the parent company of psa-dna. i really think this is worth some investigation and maybe you could send a link to psa-dna?. 

this is what I was wondering, since they’re faking to be some founder of some parent company to psa with these very fake autographs and stickers there must be some way to report them before they trick more buyers into spending hundreds on each forgery.

i’ll look into finding a way to send it to psa-dna

let me know what psa have to say...

Definitely not a real signature. I must also add that the card has less numbers and letters on it than the sticker as well. Something definitely not right here

Can't really speak for the Ford itself, but I'm with you that something looks shady with this seller. Small photos taken from an unusual angle. I wouldn't touch his Bono signatuire, regardless of whether the "authentication" is legit or not.

that bono says it all, and low bids till now.


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