Has Anyone Heard Of Tim Buskley? It Was Forensically Examined

This was a surprise. It's the only Tim Buckley piece I've ever seen from Antiquities, which appears to be signed "Tim Buskley." I guess the forensic examination didn’t catch the misspelling. Are there any other Buckley pieces from Antiquities? Maybe, hopefully, it's one of a kind.

From the auction description: Literature: Signari Gallery had been contacted by The Ronald McDonald House to assist in selling a large, private collection (with an emphasis on Frank Sinatra/"Rat Pack" and Madonna) that was bequeathed to them in the man's will. Each piece has been custom framed in a various array of presentation style/colors and while many of the frames are in good-very good condition, many of the frame moldings also exhibited a nick or two, light scratches. This frame is in very nice condition with a clear plexi-glass front. The plexi-glass overall is in very nice condition with a few light rubs (nothing major)
**All proceeds from the original auction benefited The Ronald McDonald House Charities**
Provenance: Signari Gallery Official Hologram


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