Have You Ever Been Featured In A Magazine Of How You Collect Autographs?


Has You Ever Been Featured In A Magazine Of How You Collect Autographs? If so, Will you please post it.

The reason why I asked is because in book stores (Barnes & Noble) starting this week, I have been featured in The Diecast Magazine, North America, Issue-26 (which is one of the best magazine out there on diecast collecting) which they wrote a full 3 page write-up (Pages 28, 30, & 32) on how I collect NASCAR & HOLLYWOOD, In-Person, "Picture Proof Autographs" on diecast. They even display 22 pictures of my collection in the article. It might sound that iI am self-centered, I am just proud how the article came out. So Please Take a Look and I hope you enjoy it!!!!

If you have been featured in a magazine of how you collect, Please post, I would enjoy reading it!!!!!     Thanks Very Much!!!!!           Fred



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Thank you James, I have been in other magazines web sites for collecting "Picture Proof Autographs" before, Toy Shop Magazine, Beckett Racing, Diecast X Magazine, Hot Wheels Collectors.com, but most are a 1/2 page to a full page with 1 or 2 pictures, but this was the best one yet!!! What makes it great is that my kids are now old enough to enjoy it. You can view those other articles in my photo albums.
Thanks Again, James, Fred
First very interesting collection, very unique! How long have you been collecting these? I imagine when the wife says time to sell their will be a pretty big demand for them. Especially if you piece them out as most like their certain driver!
Thanks for the interest Sport n stuff, I have been collecting "picture proof autographs" for over 35 years now. I just always took a picture of the person signing the autograph because I thought it made a better display of the autograph. I thought all autographed collectors did that. But, surprisingly, I have found that only 1 % of autograph collectors collect as I do. Most collectors want to share their collection with other collectors, amazingly I find it very hard to find a collector that collects in the same way I do.
Yeah it's nice having a picture with the person however in my years of going for autographs it didn't start catching on til the late maybe mid 90's. and now I see people are taking video with their phones. However those people don't take such great pictures as you do, they take one of just the guy signing and saying that's proof.

And I think it's hard sometimes trusting people with showing them your collection. I will always a remember a story that my dad told me of how his brother had his entire old coin collection stolen as a kid(in the 50's maybe 60's), so I've been careful in who gets to see what I have. Especially as I'm sure you have some one of a kind items..I do and I didn't even like letting the item out of my site for grading purposes even thou I was there while I was getting it graded.

You definitely did a great service by doing so! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for all the great remarks!!!! I have and still do take a picture with a 35 mm cameria, so when I decide to sell, you get the item, the autograph, the picture of signing, the negitive, and a copy of the article if it was shown.
Sure I am worried about it getting stolen, but with so many one of a kind items, and I have so many pictures of my collection out on web sites and inventoried, all on flash drives, that I figure that it would be kind of hard to sell without getting caught, besides if the thiefs are looking for one items, only I know where everything is at. Knock on wood!!!
Thanks Again and Happy Hunting!!!!
Definitely. That makes me think about taking pictures of everything. Just for reference, "in case" something happens!

But another point as I'm sure people don't knw where you live besides friends and trusted ones...someone on eBay took pictures of a safe filled with cards and I'm just saying to myself your selling stuff that's coming from there...why show off? I was gonna say something but I said people who need to show off like that shouldn't be doing that as their setting themselves up for the possibility. It's very hard to trust anyone these days...my ex is the prime example! Ha!
Its a great idea to take a picture if you can. Not all photo proofs are real.
Definitely agree. I think that's why people are starting to take video of them signing. I was watching a video with Bono signing and everyone was in a line and he looked at every single person. My assumption is to make sure people only got one & didn't piggy back!

But yes pictures only go so far. But if it's you the player and the item....it has to give a person a little more assurance. But it's hard to trust autos period these days.

I've got pictures of my collection on my computer. I keep them for insurance purposes first but also i sometimes post some here. Only my family and best friends know what's going on in my "music room" ! And it's already enough... I heard stories about how some pictures posted on websites have been used to produce fake autographs, that's why I'm a bit more cautious now.

Yeah that is scary! It's sad what society has come to but that's not a topic I'm gonna get into. But your right your family and bet friends are enough. My ex did me in god with what she stole & I know I could & should've gone to the cops but it was her way of trying to keep me around. She had been in a major car accident and the issues finally came to when I said I can't do this anymore. Plus I collect gems and had some unreal rare pieces and she just swiped them in a drawer and broke all of them. I had a piece of cave wall that was so easy to break so you had to be careful. Just absolute garbage now! Oh well makes me be cautious of people besides family and friends that I know I can trust.

Taking a picture of the items being signed, I think is the best thing an autograph collector can do. It even helps the authenticator to authenticate your autograph. I have a Dale Earnhardt Jr. autograph that I recieved from him after he had a few Buds in a large group of people.I still took the photos of him signing and I am glad I did. It looked like two small loops and a long line. Without the pictures, it would never pass as authentic.

Nothing would make me mader than having someone even hinted that one of my autographs were not authentic!!!!!

I am thinking of starting a game on this site asking to "You Make The Call, Is It Authentic or Not" Then show a autograph, after everybody puts in their 2 cents, then show the picture of it being signed.

As for showing all my photos of my collection on this and other web-sites, Facebook, Magazines, I hope people don't think that I am show boating, I am trying to make a name for myself as a trusted worthy dealer when it comes time to sell. Even though I have been and I love collecting most all of my life, I always knew that in the long run, It is a investment, It is my retirement fund. So when I do retire and start selling, I hope that my name has been out their enough that a buyer will buy from me with confidence knowing that he is not just being some off the wall autograph, but an autograph from the Frederick Weichman "Picture Proof Autograph" collection.

Here is another article from Diecast X Magazine

All I. Can say in response to the assumption of show boating its more about protecting what your obviously viewing as your retirement. It's way to easy to find anyone's info. I sold real estate for a few years before almost dying in a car accident and people would wonder how you got their number, etc. so I just recommend being cautious. I respect the fact you love what your doing and enjoy it! That's what life should be about, just like a job! Do something you like to do!



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