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Sadly, yes...much worse! Scary, isn't it?

very Much so 

And I’m guessing they’re probably asking for $1000 for it.

It’s a great deal he’s asking $900 with make offer option! And he’s only charging $161 for delivery plus it’s fully authenticated by one of the best authenticators in the business (All Star Enterprise) 

What a joke this seller is, hopefully anyone looking for a Macca signed item at least does a little homework and compare some examples 

Lol.  $161 for shipping!  Of insure such a rare, treasured item!  Man, what a piece of work.  And yes, All Star Enterprise is a very reputable authenticator.  Their parent company is Enterprise cars.  They authenticate and then send a car to drive off with the loot!  ;0)


Nice, I love Paul McCan.



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