He Signed a Photo He's Not in From an Album He Wasn't On

Anyone have this "problem?" When one member doesn't pay attention and signs something he didn't play on?

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This needs a photo! :)

I'd rather not expose the culprit!

I've had it happen, but it's OUR JOB to pay attention to which band members are handed what.

The photo was taken to the band by the drummer who I met outside the venue.

if its a photo cant u just erease it

It's not always (often?) that simple.

It'd need to be the right type of photo signed by the right type of marker with the right amount of pressure.

Since we don't know what it looks like, that's not necessarily a bad suggestion but it's definitely not a given.

Plus we don't know who the signer is; if it's someone who's a decently big name in their own right (like if John Fogerty signed a Creedance Revisited picture--not a thing that could happen but the best example I could come up with right now) then it'd be annoying but you wouldn't necessarily want to eliminate their autograph.



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