Please see attached.  Do people feel this is authentic?  Thanks for your opinions!

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I can’t speak for the autograph itself, but over the years I’ve asked several times for opinions in autographs from this dealer and the results haven't been good. 

Be cautious and wait for the knowledgables members to help out!

Pete Chuka is a good person to ask about Heath Ledgers.

Is Iconographs a trusted source?  Thanks for opinions!

It is best to post the autograph in question. You can run the sellers name through the search engine here and see a lot. 

I don't consider them a reliable source for autographs.

Me neither

Better pictures now that I have the autograph in hand -- would love more opinions!


An extremely scare signature on a Joker signed photo. Obtained from a less than stellar source. Prescription for trouble, IMO. I hope, for your sake, it is good although...

I think so, too -- luckily it was through eBay so I can return it since I just bought it last week.  If people think it's real though I would love to keep it -- I've heard there are a few authentic ones floating around, and I've always wanted one.  I think there was a brief window when he was still alive and this photo was out, and I heard a few people got him on this photo.  I've just heard such mixed things about Iconographs -- some people really vouch for them.

There are a few real ones. Ask Pete Chuka for his opinion on this. 

Thanks, Steve.  What's the best way of reaching Pete do you think?



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