Hello Everybody, I am a complete beginner and i wouldn't mind your help on a few items

I am a computer programmer/engineer and i have decided to try and invest in the autograph industry. So far, i am getting butchered as i learn. I don't know who to trust anymore.


I have tried selling some of my stuff and i keep getting comments that i am a scam.

I might have made some bad deals, but i never intended to scam.

I don't mind getting negative feedback about my items, but it hurts when i get accused of trying to scam.

I would like to begin with:

sketch drawing signed and autographed singer Michael Jackson :

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Hi, welcome,just look at the signature itself. Unless he did it purposely,why is the signature so shaky? looks like an awful forgery.If you really want to invest in autographs (not an  easy thing to do)you need to really study the "industry" before you spend any money! Good luck!

Yes you are right! But unfortunately i was Naive. I spend 2-3 hours a day reading about the industry and i am just getting sick from the contradiction.

Law suits between todd mueler against what he describes as a Cartel (PSA./DNA)

FBI cracking down on what was once known as reputable companies

UACC issuing statements that they don't believe in COA's

Quick opinions coming 'likely not genuine' from people that swear having items signed in front of them

I was signing documents a few days ago,

about 40 for a startup i manage. I suffer from polyneuropathy which causes my hands and legs to shake. So if you look at my signature on page 1 versus the one on page 40 - you will think it can't be possible that these two were signed by the same person

You are your own best authenticator. You just have to be willing to put in the work. Surely your eyeballs work just as well as anyone else's? :)

Yes, you will make mistakes, just as in any endeavor, but it's the learning that makes it fun. At least for me.
Here's a nice real one for you to help get a feel

You need to stop reading fake news garbage on the internet and discern credible information from hit jobs and smear sites.

The TPAs are not perfect and there is room for valid criticism. But if a site is completely devoted to bashing TPAs, ignore it.

If you want to know is generally considered credible, look at who the reputable and well-known auction houses and dealers use.

Prince of Cards used to advertise a lot in Tuff Stuff (sports card collector magazine) in the 90s. He wrote a few articles about experiences and private signings as well. I remember he sold a lot of celebrity autographs as well, though his listings never included photos. My general observation over the years is that sports autograph dealers - even good ones - tend to fall on their face hard when they try to dabble in non-sports celebrities. It's a significantly different territory, and people tend to trust the wrong people.

if u look at the for sale section here.theres alot of stuff and its all be scritinized so you know what your getting is real.

I am well aware of the problem of fake news when it comes to politics!!!!. i just now understand that it applies to the hobby as well! 

When it comes to politics, i use reason and logic. I listen to MSNBC, CNN, FOX (I watch only to see how to respond to their arguments), Bloomberg, CNBC. 

i studied how to determine sound arguments, in a Yeshiva/College (Baruch college) to argue against rhetoric arguments. 

I just didn't expect "pure lies" to be part of this industry. I guess i will just take my loss and remove these listings from the places i have submitted them

Thank you everybody,

Ilan Alon

unfortunatly u are dealing with money and greed. ebay really helped ruin autographs.

u can always ask for help here and theres plenty of people who can stear in the right direction for good authentic stuff.

Anyone wants these items for free - it is yours! 

I am out of this game

Again Thanks for your help.,

Ilan Alon

Before i leave this forum, to the owner of this website:

I understand that you are being drawn in a law suit to the point you don't have funds and you need to represent yourself. 

I might suck at this hobby, but it is ok because my time as a professional programmer is worth more than me trying to learn this game. I am also an investor in early stage startups and in the stock market. 

Thanks god, today i made more money in one day,  than loosing from my 2 months experience as an "autograph collector".

I have 2 proposals for you:

1) I help invest in your law suit if you can convince me that its going to be beneficial (financially) for me. too.

2) I can build you an auction site like rrauctions, in which we get commission on all sales.

My number is: (747) - 229 7832.


Ilan Alon



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