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I recently purchased this Charles Laughton autograph in an auction and though it comes with a COA, I’m always weary about trusting the authenticity of even that. I’m quite the amateur in authenticating COAs or autographs and simply wanted to reach out and see if anyone could help me with this! I’ll include photos of the COA and autograph itself. It’s for old Hollywood Star Charles Laughton. Thank you in advance!

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Can you send along a clearer (and more highly defined) image of the signature itself?

I apologize for the late reply! I was waiting for it to arrive in the mail and I just got it. Here are some clearer photos. 

I think this is good.  I remember when Mr. Noble was actively dealing in autographs (usually matted up nicely).  Pre-internet sale days....I believe he used to advertise in the old Autograph Collector magazine.  

p.s. Here's a Laughton ALS to compare your signature with:

Thank you so much for your help!

You are welcome...congrats on a nice piece!

This Laughlin looks authentic. He did seem to sign with a fast pen, and a light signature, but this works for me.

Don Noble was an upstanding Texan, I was drawn to him at a show in Houston when I saw a handwritten sign that said "For real autographs" with an arrow pointing to his table. None of the hundreds of autographs I purchased from this man were ever deemed not authentic by any third party company.

He was a diamond in a pile of coal. IMHO.

David Lewis

That is great to hear. He seemed really cool! Thank you! 


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