Hi everyone newbie just today I'd been up in attic today and came across a club sandwich magazine issue 34 1984 with Paul McCartney's signature pls could anyone tell us it's d real deal it was only thing my 16 year old got off her da before he left 16 years ago so he would be the only one with answers

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Just want to say huge thanks to you all for replies even bigger one to Joe because I could not find the page to see if as you said already there for the readers so even bigger question now is how do I sell it my daughter starts a catering course in September and they want silly amount before hand which we don't have so this would be a blessing

We have many collectors on this site who would be interested in your item. Why not solicit offers here? Good luck to you and your daughter!

my concern was also that it was pre-printed.  The signature looks great!


To get the most for it, take good images of the autograph, the page it's on and the spread of the two pages.

The condition of the entire magazine isn't the most important, because the autograph will likely be framed as the spread of two pages. What matters is the condition of the autograph and the page, the size of the autograph, and how attractive the page and autograph are. 

The autograph looks large, almost 4 inches long. It's beautifully and fully signed, and the style is right in line with the way McCartney signed in the early to mid-80s, so we know it was signed around the time the magazine came out.

Depending on how it all looks, I think you could get £600 or more selling to a collector. Perhaps as much as £1000 or more. Since your daughter needs to raise as much as possible, take your time selling it.

Nice Macca signature, and good work Joe!

A real heart-warming story this one. All the best to you and your daughter Victoria.

Nice McCartney signature...mid 1980's...



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