It's time to update the Autograph Live Band-Signed Beatles Album Census for 2019!

Beatles albums signed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are among the most desirable Rock ’n’ Roll collectibles. And they're rare. d

How many band signed Beatles albums really exist?

We estimated about 125 when we held our first census in 2011.

By 2016 it was up to about 130.

And a scant 15 or so are U.S. release albums.

How many more band-signed Beatles albums will we find this time?

Let's Find Out Together

Our goal is to continue to locate and track every Beatles album signed by the Fab Four, in order to preserve our musical heritage and help protect collectors against forgeries. If you have an album signed by the Beatles, I encourage you to have yours counted. You can remain anonymous.

If you have a Beatles album signed by all four band members, you’ve got something quite valuable. Band-Signed albums in good condition typically range from about $25,000 for the most common one, Please Please Me, to $200,000 or more for some of the rarest albums. Besides Please Please Me, most are worth in the mid-5 figures or more, especially U.S. releases. 

The band-Signed Meet the Beatles above sold for $120,693 in March 2014. It is one of the ones signed for Dr. Jules Gordon when the Beatles were in New York for their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Dr. Gordon was treating a very sick George Harrison for strep throat...right before their debut performance in America!

Even albums signed by just three are very rare and can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. We're not counting those in this study though.

Most Band-Signed Beatles Albums Are Extremely Rare or Unknown

You wouldn't know it by the thousands of albums offered for sale online, and in many memorabilia galleries in Las Vegas and other tourist towns, but band-signed Beatles albums are very hard to come by.

Many are currently unknown, or there are only one or two examples. Some are "secretarials," where some or all of the autographs were signed in the Beatles' names by their management, staff...and occasionally one of the Beatles signing for others.

But most are outright forgeries offered by sellers that prey on the unwary. They often come with certificates of authenticity from dubious authenticators and forensic document examiners.

How Rare are They?

Band-signed Beatles albums are so rare that there are 9 Beatles albums that are unknown band-signed.

There are 4 where only 1 is known.

There are 6 where only 2 band-signed ones are known.

These are the counts of genuine band-signed Beatles albums by title and release: US or UK. The estimates are as of about a year ago. They're based on member input and my research:

US Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums
7-8 “Meet the Beatles”
2 “Help”
1 “Beatles 65”
1 “Beatles VI”
0 “Rubber Soul”
2 “Revolver”
0 “Magical Mystery Tour”
0 “Abbey Road”
0 “Yellow Submarine”
2 “White Album”
1 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
0 “Let it Be”
16-17 US Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums Known to D

UK Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums
About 75 “Please Please Me” (Their first album, signed in three 1963 UK promotional tours)
16-21 “With the Beatles” (The tail end of their easier accessibility)
8-10 “Hard Day’s Night”
3 “Beatles for Sale”
2 “Help”
2 “Rubber Soul”
1 “Revolver”
6 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
0 “Magical Mystery Tour” (All reissues from the 1980s and up.)
0 “White Album”
0 “Yellow Submarine”
2 “Abbey Road”
0 “Let it Be”

115-126 UK Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums Known to Date

131-142 Total Band-Signed Beatles Albums
Known Worldwide at Last Count

How Many Can We Document Now?

Do you know of any band-signed Beatles albums that we may not be aware of? Do you keep your own numbers? Help us update the census. We'll publish the 2019 results in March.

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Our main focus needs to be on accurate counts of albums besides Please Please Me.

We also want to confirm that autographs on albums already counted in the census are genuine. 

It would be great if there was a site (or place on this one?) where one could see all the signed Beatles albums. 

Agreed! If you and other members find the signed albums, I'll get permission were needed.

I'll put them in a photo app where we can easily find and discuss each one.

They don't come much better than a Rubber soul signed album it probably belongs to a member here, there was one for sale for around the 110.000.00 price a while back. The Help signed lp is quite nice also.

Seller told me he bought direct from Caiazzo in 2014 -- so he must have paid alot. Help is up to 40 grand with 3 days left but they both have reserves so may not sell. 

There are only 4 known, so I'd be surprised if they let it go for $60K.

Imagine what these would be worth if most of the forgeries weren't out there.

The signed "Help" went for just over 40 grand. I think fair -- as it was inscribed and many collectors take that into account. Uninscribed Please Please Me LPs have been selling for 23-26 grand in the last two years and that's after commission. 


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