Could you guys please give me your opinions on this signed Maris photo I am thinking about purchasing? Thanks in advance. 

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I do not think this is authentic
Since the question of Maris came up, I thought I would bring this one up.  I have been studying Maris signatures for over 30 years, and have owned probably 30 or more at one point in time or another.  I see several that have been "authenticated" by legitimate 3rd party authenticators, like the one in this link.  Look closely at the signature (under the zoom) and tell me what you think.  Shaky, isn't it?  There are others that I also question, despite the authenticity letters.
Thanks for providing your expertise! I agree, the signature in the link you sent does look shaky. Just curious...what part of the signature in the pic I attached concerns you? The guy selling it claims it was signed back in the '80's in Edison, NJ at a show that Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford also attended. He showed me pics of Mantle and Ford signed baseballs from that show, and they appear authentic.

I honestly do not believe Maris did any card shows.   I am attaching photos of three Maris autos that I possess.  The one on the team ball is from 1961, and shows his "second generation" signature.  there was actually an earlier variation, that if you look at KC or Cleveland team balls from the late 50's, you will note the differences.

The other two here were obtained by me, directly through his Busch distributor ship in Florida around 1979.

As for what I don't like about the Maris in the photo, the first thing I look at is the capital R in Roger.  He typically started the R with a straight line moving upward.  In your photo, it starts to tilt to the right. This is a common flaw.  There are other things that concern me, including the closing of the "a" in Maris, the formation of the small "r", and the size of the small letters in Maris compared to the ones in Roger.  In my authentic examples from his later signature, the letters in Maris were marked larger than the ones in Roger.  Look at the "o" vs. the "a".  Hope this helps!

Thanks again for your detailed info. I do know for a fact that Maris DID do a few autograph shows in the early 1980's, because I know of people who met him at these shows. I do not, however, know if he actually was at the show in Edison, NJ that this guy is talking about.
Matt, perhaps you are correct.  but I was a subscriber to SCD (sports collectors digest) throughout the 80's, and one of the reasons I subscribed was to keep track of who was doing what at autograph shows (i purchased a lot of items back then, from these shows, thru the mail).   I don't ever remember seeing Maris advertised, but I am old and my memory may be failing me!  LOL
Haha. Well, Maris died in '85, so I'm sure the shows he did (which were VERY few) had to be between '80-'83. That's awesome that you were purchasing from autograph shows back in the '80's....prices must have been so affordable at that time. What a great time it must have been to collect! I heard that guys like Mantle used to charge like $40 for an auto back in the '80's. Thanks again for the info, it is much appreciated.

Maris did a card show in the early 80's in Springfield Illinois. 

I have Maris on a baseball, with a handful of other teammates of his.


I bought it for $300 from a big auction years ago, simply because I thought it would be a good investment. If anybody is interested, let me know (i'd have to find it, but would if somebody offered me a right price).


email me:


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