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Hi everyone!

We just found these baseballs in our attic and can't tell who any of them are. The first ball is signed by one person, no date or anything, so I'm completely lost on that. The next ball has two signatures and has "NY METS 7/5/97" written on it. The last ball has nine signatures (8 because I think one person signed twice) and has"FLORIDA MARLINS 7/5/97" written on it, albeit, spelled wrong haha. I have no knowledge of baseball or players so any information about anything here would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Dropbox link for photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hx9g5pvevujev4f/AAC5T1QBf0PrFRz8iT7gJEqe...

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First one is Tom Seaver.

38pm picture perhaps Bobby Valentine?

Seaver, Valentine and I believe Ordonez are the first three

Photo six seems to have Moises Alou, twice! First and third signature down.

Also on six is Tony Taylor, a Cuban player who played in the 70s. 

An unusual combination for one ball. 


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