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Ya think he'll get that price?  Only $1000 to ship it. 


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$12,000+ in eBay fees? $9795 for the Ringo Starr below - with that contrast?

RINGO STARR Signed 1964 Topps #154 Full Signature Beatles Guaranteed Authentic - Picture 1 of 3

$499K is nearly what Hendrix's last July 1970 sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar from Manny's sold for in 2010 ($185,000) allowing for inflation.

It’s actually a cut section of the LP. I think it would have been a bargain if not for the high shipping charge.

Good heavens I missed that! A cut... The shipping is outlandish, yes... ;)

Yes, he trimmed his album covers for convenience:

"Back in the day, I found my signed album covers to be too large to handle.  As a result, I trimmed them so they would fit into the magnetic photo album I stored them in, including this one.  As a result, a portion of this album cover is missing."


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