Here's the pic he sent me from someone else's phone..

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I don't like them

Sounds good thanks! Out of curiosity so I can learn more about his signature, other than the price what were the major red flags for you in the signatures?

the best way to learn about his signature is to study known authentic versions, like Tri-Star certfied, over the many years of his career.  Once you get used to recognizing what an authentic version looks like, the fakes will become apparent.  

I've looked through a bunch of psa and jsa'S and some Tristars and apparently still get quite confused.. what about these looks way off?

psa and jsa will only confuse you. they get it wrong more than they get it right (Bradys).  Just look at Tri-Star authenticated examples. I rarely get into technical details about signatures. 

I actually was thinking the silver one at least looked very close to many of the tristars online, that's why I was hoping for some sort of a technical detail analysis

I sent you a PM with one hint.  That will have to do. I don't do detail technical analysis.  There are others on here that might want to give it a try.

Just go with tri star so you won’t have any second thoughts and so you know it’s the real thing! I mean who can get that many Brady autographs unless it’s from a private signing and if you have that many how can you not be able to take pics of him signing them. Tri star or nothing for abrady in MY opinion it’s a good amount to cough up but atleast you can sleep at night



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