Hi Guys- I'm looking for opinions on the possible authenticity of the following signed Ramones "Rocket To Russia" LP (pic #1 below). I had a recent post regarding another signed copy of the same LP (pics #2 - #7 below) and responses were extremely helpful, especially those from Richard Booth and John William. Richard...John... if you're out there, please holla back! Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated- especially those that point out specific traits that lead to this conclusion. Thanks in advance. -Syren

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This looks fine to me!

Thanks Richard- you're the best!

Always welcome!
They look good to me. They match my stuff I got signed by them at a Tower Records In Store appearance they did in NYC in late 90s. Attached are some pics to compare.....
Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thanks for the examples Andrew. Makes total sense since I was told this was signed in NYC at a record store signing (probably Tower Records) in 1997. Thanks again!



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